For a lot of people, their addictive behaviors started when they were young.  I was introduced to pornography when I was twelve, but the grips of addiction didn't fully grasp me until I was about fifteen.

For almost two decades, I fought to overcome addiction through a variety of different means.  Filtering software, years of cognitive therapy, depression medication, intensifying personal scripture study, lots of prayer, meeting with my religious leaders, and an experimental addiction recovery program through USU (where I went to school).

Nothing seemed to help me sustain any lasting sobriety let alone recovery.

Faster forward to marriage and family, the pressures mounted and I succumbed to using lust as a distraction from my limiting beliefs (though I didn’t know it at the time). From the bottom up I started rebuilding what I thought I knew about addiction and recovery.

I discovered I needed to take a different approach then I had up to that point in my life. With my wife by my side, we dove into learning everything we could. I was determined to finally regain control over the intention, direction, and purpose of my life. After several years of therapy, coaching, and personal study, I realized that getting to the root of my limiting beliefs was the key to eliminating wanting to “act out” and using lust or other means as a form of distraction.

I have learned that I have unlimited potential and that it can be simple to restore peace, harmony, and balance. A desire has grown within me to help others see and do the same.