(The Simple) Life Recovery Course


Do you want to recover every aspect of your life? Reclaim your relationships, time, money, career, health, spirituality, and relationship with yourself. Our seven month program allows you to dive deep into every area of your life by teaching you these tools and how to utilize them on a daily basis! Our approach is designed to give you a stable support structure to effectively integrate these tools into your every day life and to transform them into habits essential for success. Get ready for quantum leaps!


Learn to understand the different levels of gratitude and the importance of practicing it daily for a happy-success filled life.


Learn how to create and expand a clear vision for who you want to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have.


Learn how to understand and implement your unique purpose by identifying your desires, values, and core strengths.


Learn how to understand the different levels of your consciousness and how they influence your decisions.


Learn how to become aware of how words are transforming your life and how to start using them for your good.


Learn about the different degrees of belief, how your belief system impacts your life, and how to start using it in your favor.


Learn the different parts of your self-image, how those parts impact your perception, and how to purify the reflection you see.


Enjoy all the programs, one per month, and experience quantum leaps with your relationships, time, money, career, health, spirituality, and your relationship with yourself!

What You’ll Get

  1. A new workbook each month*

  2. A powerful daily statement*

  3. Daily audio*

  4. A weekly lesson*

  5. Weekly accountability

  6. Four one hour group or personal Q&A calls

  7. A system that actually helps you develop and create healthy thinking patterns, habits & beliefs!

(*specific to month)

How To Start


  1. Sign Up

  2. We’ll send your program materials

  3. Watch your life transform!